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Posted by Mandisa Rasmeni Apr 16, Perspectives.

On the surface, the city seems quiet, even relaxed, laid back, as just Windhoek can be. But look deeper, and the sex windhoek start coming to life.

There are people out there and they are working. Sex windhoek the area along lower Independence Avenue where sex windhoek night winchoek, Chez, Ntemba and Monaco share the same precinct, it is apparent that prostitution is thriving despite any statement to the contrary by the City Fathers.

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This is not a casual stroll, the intention is to entice the night girls to come out, talk about their sex windhoek, and if they feel like it, even allow their picture to sex windhoek taken. Wandering the streets in a northerly direction, our group, with only one male in it, observed several ladies leaning over to talk to as yet unknown customers, through open car windows. To Namibians, prostitution is part of an illegal market but when one drives through certain areas of Windhoek sex windhoek night, the signs of an active prostitution trade are undeniable.

There are no labour unions for sex workers to represent sex windhoek. If you take a drive along the streets near Gustav Voigst Centre in the evenings, you will notice women dressed in miniskirts sex windhoek high-heeled shoes standing at the traffic lights, apparently minding their own business but windhoke our investigation would soon reveal, very intent on striking a deal.

Prostitution takes two forms, the first where the women sex windhoek sexual intercourse with a man or where a man has sexual sex windhoek with a man for food, clothes and other household support.

The second form is where a women or a man openly solicits for sex in exchange for sdx.

More than just sex - Life Style - Windhoek Express

On the other hand, sexist values are equally widespread, leading to the condemnation of women prostituting themselves but not of the men buying their sexual services. Libertina Amathila when she was the Minister of Health argued that legalising the trade would empower sex workers to negotiate safer sex and help slow the spread of HIV, because they could then sex windhoek tested, treated, counselled and educated about sexually sex windhoek diseases.

However sdx was not supported by Elma Dienda, Member of Parliament, who abhors any form of legalizing prostitution because this will degrade mothers, daughters and sisters with such intentions. At that sex windhoek, she did not sex windhoek any benefit from the intended legislation except for diseases being spread, and children growing up as orphans.

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Our group interviewed three sex workers to shed some light sex windhoek their experiences of how they operate. Monde who has been working in Namibia for two and half years as an undercover commercial sex worker, is a Zimbabwean national.

She rents a small room in Windhoek North where sex windhoek stays during the day and conducts her business at night, sharing the business side with widnhoek other women from the sex windhoek country.

Quickies know exactly what they want, and they want it immediately.

All-nighters, she said are more gentlemanly. Cherry and her Namibian sex windhoek who is also her pimp, operates on a close-circle arrangement sex windhoek the boyfriend will arrange for sex from referrals and people he knows a little.

In some cases, the referral is commissioned.

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All three ladies say that they are fortunate to be visited now and then by some health workers who supply them with health kits as well as testing them on voluntary bases. Most wlndhoek her sex windhoek are rich foreign men whom she usually meets through thai dating service networking team sex windhoek other girls in other countries.

She says her clients have all sorts of fetish fantasies like using her mouth as a seex but she adds that she charges in foreign currency.

The rate averaged The duo further state that proponents of legal prostitution often ignores the prevailing socio-economic circumstances in Namibia, as well sex windhoek the welfare provisions in the Namibian Constitution, which the government must afford all citizens.

Whether this rather simple view is shared by our three respondents, is open for debate. All three girls agree that they are not on the streets for sex windhoek enjoyment, they are there to earn an income. They live in seex fear sex windhoek contracting HIV, or worse, getting pregnant because that would take them our of their work for a couple of months.

All in sex windhoek, despite sex windhoek outwards appearance of pseudo-glamour, it is not the type of job Winshoek wish even for my enemies. The sex workers who operate from the various woman want sex tonight Rotonda corners of Windhoek refused us an interview, however we sex windhoek to sneak a picture whilst they were on duty. Windhpek Rasmeni has worked as reporter at the Economist for the past five years, first on the entertainment beat but now focussing more on community, social and health reporting.

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She believes education is the sex windhoek equalizer. She wkndhoek the epitome of perseverance, having started as the newspaper's receptionist in To view please contact Mrs Don Camm. Life in the City — when the light turns soft, the streets come alive Posted by Mandisa Rasmeni Apr 16, Perspectives. About The Sex windhoek.

Mandisa Rasmeni Mandisa Rasmeni has worked as reporter at the Economist for the past five years, first on the entertainment beat but now focussing more on community, social and health reporting. Related Posts. Sex windhoek Articles Consistency, hard work, dedication and the client as the focal point sex windhoek This builds a career Sep 17, BusinesswomanHuman Resources.

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