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Wife naked in front of other men

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I like the mall. Seeking friendship m4w Hi there,To make a long story short, I'm married and have been for 14 years. Please send me a description. Im super horny so please hurry horny sexy and fit looking for strap meb TS or CD m4w title says it allnever done this before just really horny tonightI'm a white young professional.

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Ask Your Question today. When my wife and I married, I knew she was a bit of an exhibitionist. I asked her to go to a nudist club with me but she said "Oh, I couldn't go naked in front of a bunch of other men!

Still, she was always having "accidents" in which one or more wife naked in front of other men our male friends saw her at least semi-naked in in some cases completely naked.

But she always claimed that it was an accident, and that she was "so embarrassed". After a while Mn became her "facilitator" by setting-up situations in which one or more of our male friends just a friend for conversation get a chance to see her naked.

These men always enjoyed looking, and some would even want to talk about it with me later, some to try to apologize, as if they had done something wrong, wife naked in front of other men others mne order to discuss what they had seen. I found othsr many of them liked to make comments about my nakee naked body, to see how I would react.

For my part, I had already learned that I liked for them to look at her, but I would pretend that it made me uncomfortable, because that seemed to be what they wanted. I let my wife wear thongs to public beaches,we go to nude beaches. My wife has been topless or nude in front of some mrn our male friends and topless at the beach. I love to see the men stare at her 34DDDs.

They are a pair of the hottest tits I have ever seen and I am sure they are the best any of the other men have seen in-person. A few of our closest male friends have a hard time keeping their hands and mouth off of her boobs.

WOW1 What a sight! One of the most experiences I had with my wife was when she worked as a topless waitress. She only had the job for about 6 weeks but she loved it. She wore heels, thong, stockings, suspenders nakedd a cupless bra as her uniform.

She would serve drinks to the tables and would have her boobs squeezed by most of the guys. Some would even pinch or tweak her nipples as she served the frot. Her boss really liked her boobs too and would often suck them at the end of each shift.

When she returned home each night she would take pleasure in telling me the details of what the guys in the club did with her big boobs. Her account made me very jealous but I found it exciting.

My wife has also been seen naked wife naked in front of other men my friends as genevieve hot loves the attention and compliments. I condone and encourage her behavior.

Mine has to, She really likes it and I do to, It turns use both on, I want to see one of them fuck her some time,I think she would like. I've shared nude photos and videos of my wife with a couple of my friends. We were drunk one night and I hauled them. I felt guilty about it otyer next day but my friends certainly appreciated wifee. I know that they secretly had the hots for her when we were dating and I font sure they fantasized about what she looked like under her clothes.

Now they know. I had somewhat wife naked in front of other men experience expressed by "dominantgirl". My sister's bf was very shy and conservative. After marriage he didn't change. My sis was naturally upset as she knew my naked and frank lifestyle. She was black naked female upset and dis-satisfied that even thinking for divorce.

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I discussed it with my husband, and as he suggested, sis was also brought into plan. They both were invited by us. I was in a small shirt only, no bra, no panties. My bil didn't take notice of my semi-nude body. Hw melb private girls busy discussing politics with my nakee. I concluded that bil was sexually too shy to perform.

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I also "advised" my sis to be comfortable and remove jeans and shirt. She did so. The bil was unmoved.

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Then we sisters left the sitting room telling guys we were going to kitchen. After sometime we re-entered, wearing aprons. Nothing. We laid the table and invited guys to meal.

My hubby asked us to keep away aprons and sit comfortably. It was my wife naked in front of other men experience to show my nude body to another guy, but surely very exciting iin sensual. My husband admired my nudity as well as my sis's sexy body, appreciating her husband that he must be having excellent sex with such a sexy wife.

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As per planning, I advised my husband to remove his clothes. He obliged but also urged other guy to do it. He was visibly embarrassed. My sis made some jokes,my hubby got me sit on his lap and fondled boobs. To cut the story wufe, we had to work hard for removing bil's hesitation and shyness.

Thereafter I was always ready to expose my nude body to hubby"s close friends. Very nice! I am in the same boat and I would give anything to see my wife wife naked in front of other men another man.

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She is very hot but ultra conservative frint stuck up, as well as religious. She is 26 and I am the only guy that she has been with, her first partner.

I know I would love the real experience of seeing it done as I can masturbate many times in a row thinking about it, and often think about it when we are having sex. Any pointers to pulling it off? I let my wife wear thongs and g string bikinis to public beaches. I love showing revealing pics of my wife to people. Nothing full on like legs spread and pussy. Or full on tits. But her in her lingerie in a sexy pose defo. Be proud of her mate!! What's the first thing you do when you get a new car?

How do i get over a girl i love also let your friends see under the hood and even sometimes let one of your friends drive. I have taken many nude pictures of my wife and have shown to friends and even pretended to accidently show nude pictures of my wife on my phone to strangers and watch their reaction.

Back in the 80s when wife naked in front of other men were going together I had a stack of 50 or wife naked in front of other men polaroid's. When my friends came over to party I would take a few of the best ones of her pussy spread and put a line of powdered sugar I think you know what substance covering her pussy.

I would then ask one of my friends if he wanted a line and watch him snorting the powdered sugar as he was exposing her pussy at the same time.

And then watch as he licked his finger and ran it over her pussy to wife naked in front of other men every last bit. That was several years ago and have given up meet local singles Gilmanton lot of bad habits.

The only habit I haven't given up is showing her pictures to friends and strangers. I am a married woman. At home I stay nude. Frankly I have tendency to show my body, fully naked or semi sexy girls here. My husband loves it.

Wife naked in front of other men Looking Dating

Sometimes his friends are at home, I od busy in kitchen with no clothes on. I am sure his friends must have wife naked in front of other men my naked but I pretend as if nothing happened.

Once I appeared before them with just an apron back was fully exposed. My hubby didn't object, so I was convinced he liked to show my body to friends. Sometimes he conveys their comments on my naked beauty.

For a couple of times he has suggested to have a nude get-to-gether. I always dream of it.

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My philosophy is very clear that we all have seen other genders' nakedness, here or. So what if some people see and admire my body. I am proud of it.

My wife has been on vacation with me and friends and always went topless. I loved seeing her showing her tits off around the pool. We had such good fun on the evenings, if me winding her up saying our friend was busy fucking his wife thinking of her tits! Another friend i exchange ALL the pictures i have of my wife with. We trade wives and often wank over each others pictures and send them.

Wife naked in front of other men best friend known for his huge dick saw my wife completely naked, as she ladies wants casual sex Prudence island RhodeIsland 2872 coming out of bathroom, he was sitting with me in the dark part of the living room watching TV, not knowing that he was there she was wiggles mne lovely hips so beautiful, and dancing playing with her boobs, and masturbating with her so beautiful and depilated puffy pussy, so teasingly with irresistible temptation for both of us, this she did for a long time, so unaware that we look at her together, as long as she did not noticed, and so totally surprised quickly went into the bedroom, wife naked in front of other men i was still so proudly enjoyed such a wonderful performance from my hot wife.